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Anniversary party celebrates SimpleClick successes

By Claire Thorpe 29th September 2018
Last month, we were thrilled to have celebrated our 10-year anniversary. For any company, this is an incredible milestone, so it was only right that we took the time to throw a spectacular party for our colleagues and clients.

Kicking off our 10th birthday celebrations with a trip to Thorpe Park

By Naomi Worden 29th September 2018
We all made it out alive, with some of the team looking a little paler on the way out than on the way in.

How to select participants for usability testing

By Naomi Worden 20th September 2018
If you are thinking of doing a usability test on your website, then make sure you get the fundamentals right. How many people should you select to take part in the test? Is it important that you pick the ‘right’ people? And is more always better?