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By Naomi Worden 6th June 2022
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A client came to us after having a poor experience with another agency. They had invested in a brand new website redesign, which was intended to encourage more sales after some plateauing numbers.

However, after a few weeks post-launch, they were not seeing the increase in sales they were expecting. How can this be, they’ve massively invested in their new design and fresh new look - surely now customers should be flocking to checkout? 

Sadly, they had misunderstood their design problem and hadn’t addressed a flaw in their User Journey - which was the route of most user frustration, and a barrier to sales. Upon running a simple UX session with them, we identified this issue and pinpointed how to quickly and accurately fix it. This was all due to our User Experience led approach. 

It has been proven time and time again that all design decisions, relating to e-commerce especially, need a solid UX understanding and strategy at their foundation, to achieve their goals. We’ve broken down 3 quick tips so you can level up your strategy, today.

3 Quick Tips To Level Up Your Ecommerce UX:

1. Give customers a ‘Save this for later’ option (that saves product configuration too!)

The way Apple presents options for the Watch product helps the user to navigate an extensive configuration of different options, without becoming overwhelmed. The value of this easy configurator is then retained with the addition of a save later button.

This prevents a loss of sale due to external factors such as the customer not having enough time to continue the checkout process in the same session, without the effort of them having to redo their configuration later on. 

Users have their own lives outside of the ecosystem of your shop and working out how to support that inside your shop, makes it easier for them to buy from you.

2. Make your landing pages super simple

Image of amazon shopping page searching for home accessories

Amazon utilises a really simple, yet sophisticated landing page system which easily breaks down the key categories any user may be looking for when they hit this page. They didn’t try to make it uber-beautiful by using large professional imagery and staged photos in carousels. They simply laid out easy-to-read, easy to recognize, hot spots. Because it works!

Amazon is the king of data-backed design and is the ultimate reference for great Ecommerce UX - because they opt for a ‘User First’ approach.

Additionally, when another level of hierarchy was desirable, they used a simple roll-over text menu with their most frequently used sub-sections.

3. Allow filtering by all different types of product data, and keep it neat

screenshot of asos shopping page
Screenshot of Asos Filter for shopping

ASOS is the ecommerce standard for one of the best usages of filters for finding the product you’re looking for, when you need to get specific. A large selection of options are presented in a remarkably uncomplicated fashion (excuse the pun). Users are able to choose from quick tag buttons of most popular categories and change more than 10 different specific drop downs breaking down each category of data they have for their products.

This feature even remains usable on smaller screens right down to mobile, where it is accessible via a slide-out stacked menu. Retaining the same features across both experiences on mobile and desktop devices prevents the customer from becoming frustrated, and utilising the side menu on mobile ensures the smaller screen space maintains the same tidy organisation.

UX is critical in ecommerce because it ensures your customers can easily navigate your website, find what they need, buy it, and move on. Make it easier for people to buy from you = they’ll buy from you more frequently.

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