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We all want to be number one in Google, right?

Once upon a time, this was as easy as buying thousands of inbound links for pence at a time, stuffing your site with keywords and tricking Google into putting you at the top. You may have heard this type of technique referred to as 'Black Hat SEO' – widely thought of as underhand, sneaky and just a little bit ‘dodgy’.

But like in all good movies, evil rarely prevails; with any Black Hat techniques soon uncovered by search engines which, once they figure out what you're doing, will drop your website from their listings like a ton of bricks.

We don't do underhand at SimpleClick. Instead preferring to stick to the rules and ensure that your website gets to the top of search engines for the right reasons - because it's relevant, high quality and contains valuable content worthy of notice.

Search Engine Optimization
Organic Search Results

Long-lasting organic search results

Search Engine Optimisation is by no means a quick-fix and any agency that tells you it is, well, they're telling porkies.

Doing SEO right requires highly complex skills. This doesn't only mean having an intimate understanding of search engines, but also calls upon programming knowledge, marketing skills and a deep understanding of your target audience.

Whether you're looking for ongoing SEO support or just need a one-off site review/audit to take stock of how your website is currently performing, we're here to help.

Like everything we do, our SEO services are tailored to the needs of you, your business and your budget.

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We also offer more detailed technical SEO reports which go into greater depth to review your site structure, key page content, markup as well as visibility. A detailed set of actionable SEO, UX and accessibility recommendations is provided along with data output reports.

Our detailed reports are available from £495

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