Proud to be inclusive

At SimpleClick, we believe everyone deserves to feel welcome and valued. That's why we celebrate diversity in all its forms. We are committed to creating a space where you can be yourself because we know that's when we all thrive.

How we support inclusivity

Inclusive facilities

One of the ways we show our commitment to inclusivity and making sure all our employees feel comfortable is through providing gender-neutral bathroom facilities. This allows anyone who is uncomfortable with using binary-gendered bathrooms to feel accommodated. However, our employees are able to use whichever bathroom they feel most comfortable with, regardless of their assigned sex.

Using gender-neutral language and respecting pronouns

We understand that gender identity and gender expression do not always align with traditional assumptions. To create an inclusive environment, we make a conscious effort to avoid making assumptions about anyone's gender identity or which pronouns they use based on appearance or names. On top of this, we encourage avoiding the use of gendered language to ensure no one feels excluded or uncomfortable. Using gender-inclusive language creates a more welcoming environment for all.

One way we put this into practice is by displaying employees' pronouns on their email signatures and on our website. This simple act normalises sharing pronouns like sharing names and prevents accidental misgendering. If at any point an employee updates their pronouns, we quickly accommodate.

By being proactive about displaying pronouns and avoiding assumptions, we aim to make our workplace comfortable for everyone. Respecting how people wish to be addressed is a basic courtesy that reinforces our commitment to LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

LGBTQIA+ awareness and training

In November 2023, the whole team had a dedicated training day to ensure everyone was on the same page when it came to the LGBTQIA+ community. This training covered the various genders, sexualities and identities under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella, fostering an environment of understanding, respect, and inclusion. It also went over some of the history, which is very important in understanding the progress that has been made and why it is so important to highlight and celebrate it.

Wellbeing sessions

For many years, we have taken a proactive approach to the mental health of our staff, and we recognise that it is important to provide this support to our LGBTQIA+ employees as they face unique challenges as a result of social stigma, discrimination and lack of necessary resources, resulting in a higher risk of mental health issues.

We are proud to provide monthly wellbeing 1-2-1s to all our employees. These sessions are fully curated to the individual allowing them to talk about whatever they want, personal or not. On top of this, a 1-2-1 can be requested by an employee at any time.

Personal statement

“We spend a significant portion of time at work, even if we don’t always realise it.

For many, the workplace itself can simply blend into the background. However, as a trans woman it’s something I am acutely aware of when looking for a job. Small details like what I’ll be able to wear or which bathroom I can use are things I need to consider when job searching, on top of everything else.

All of this is to say my experience working for SimpleClick has been nothing short of incredible. Even before I had started, the questions I had about bathroom access, the use of my deadname and the dress code were immediately answered. This set the tone for the environment from day one.

Since joining in October 2023, I have slowly felt more comfortable expressing my authentic self as I do at home. This has only been possible due to the actions carried out to ensure I feel truly included. Even when I updated my pronouns, I was in full control of how I wanted it to be communicated to the team and when I was happy with it, the changes were swiftly implemented throughout.

On top of the practical considerations, the support and care I have received from my colleagues has been invaluable. I have never felt pressured to hide or downplay any aspect of my identity, which has given me a sense of belonging and safety.

SimpleClick’s commitment to inclusivity goes beyond lip service and empty words. It is truly a part of the company culture, repeatedly proven through the actions of the team and the actions of the company. I am grateful to be a part of a company that not only respects but values and celebrates diversity in all its forms.”

Ada (She/Her)

Our commitments

As a business, we will endeavour to review, maintain, and improve our way of working to ensure employee inclusion is at the heart of what we do.