User experience (UX) consultancy

UX Consultancy is the process of uncovering user’s needs and identifying pain points, reviewing user interfaces and user journeys and using this information to make actionable recommendations with the aim of improving the overall user experience.

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Why do you need UX?

Working closely with a website or system you become blind to some of the issues that users may experience which hamper their user journey. These obstacles to conversion result in poorer digital performance.

User journeys, information architecture, user touchpoints, design elements all need to work together to efficiently and effectively service the audience to meet their needs.

User Experience consultancy can help uncover any issues and provide actionable recommendations and solutions that deliver quantifiable improvements in business metrics and goals.

This can be undertaken on a built website or system to help guide future developments, or at the design or prototyping stage to identify issues before time is spent on implementation. This helps to optimise expenditure.

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What can SimpleClick offer?

UX audits

An in-depth study conducted by our team of experts reviewing the UX (User Experience) as a whole including accessibility, UI (User Interface), user journeys with the delivery of a detailed report with prioritised, actionable recommendations.

UX audit reports can be produced quickly and cost-effectively and are therefore useful when time or budget constraints don’t allow for full usability testing.

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Usability testing

One-on-one sessions are held with current and potential users who are given a set of tasks to complete and the opportunity to provide commentary and feedback along the way.

Testing is carried out with your target demographic to uncover common obstacles, provide understanding of users’ thought processes and provide valuable insight into user journeys.

This provides data and evidence as justification for change as well as helps prioritise improvements.

The findings of the sessions are documented and collated into an in-depth report with actionable and prioritised recommendations.

Why choose SimpleClick?

Our team of knowledgeable UX experts use their decades of experience across different industry sectors and demographics to deliver strategic recommendations that meet business goals.

SimpleClick has worked with clients to conduct UX site audits, review system processes and workflows as well and complete full usability testing.

We like to work with the fundamental principle of ‘don’t make me think’. Users want an intuitive and satisfying experience, to be able to successfully and easily complete a task and to have the confidence and impetus to return.

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