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By Richard Jennis 17th August 2023
Graphic of person building a website
How SimpleClick goes about building a website that 'works'.

What makes a good website?

Is it something that looks sleek and modern? Is it something your customers enjoy using? Does it mean a site that is easy to navigate? Or one that works well on mobile and tablet devices?

Perhaps a good website that's search engine friendly, or enables you to convert sales effectively? Or maybe your idea of a good website is one that you can update yourself easily, or that saves you time and money?

A great website is all of these things and more. And there's no reason why you can't have it all.

Websites that meet your business goals

Creating user-friendly, intuitive yet practical websites for businesses doesn't just happen by chance. Our unique approach to website development is based on gaining an understanding of your business, your customers and the (often varying) aims of your website.

Before starting any design or development work, our team will meet with you as many times as it takes to ensure that we are always working towards shared goals. And thanks to our experience in usability testing, we'll ensure that your customers won't have to think about how to use your site - providing them with a clear journey that will ultimately boost your leads and increase your sales.

Every single site we build is unique. Built specifically for you and your business. We don't work from templates and, thanks to the use of our flexible content management system (CMS) - Doddle - can provide any number of bespoke features.

We also work with an open-source system called WordPress - giving us the flexibility and tools to find a solution that fits.

Mobile first

All of our websites are designed to be responsive - which means that regardless of what device or screen size your visitors are using to browse your site, it remains easy to read, to navigate and will continue to tempt your potential customers to take action.

To ensure your site performs well on mobile devices, we will design your site 'mobile first', after all, most sites experience more traffic from mobile users than desktop!

Systems Integration

Because all of our websites are bespoke, we can design them to integrate with any new or existing systems you require, from online booking systems, shop fronts or event management software, to any number of third party systems you use to run your business. And if you need a new system? You guessed it, we can develop it for you too.

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