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Why Mental Health matters to SimpleClick

By Claire Thorpe 10th December 2018
Thankfully, awareness of Mental Health is growing, and people are starting to be much more open to talking about it, and some admitting that they are having problems.
But we still have some way to go.  People are much more likely to call in sick to say that they have a migraine, or sore throat, or tummy upset, than that they just can't face coming into work as they're struggling with their mental health.  
The statistics are shocking.
Stress in the Workplace - stats

We all know that we need to have trained First Aiders in the office, but what about Mental Health First Aid?  It's not compulsory, but surely, with statistics like those, we should all be taking this more seriously.

Richard discovered that you can go on Mental Health First Aid training courses right here in Ipswich, so promptly booked himself in.  After finding it really useful, he suggested Claire attend also.

Claire came away from the 1-day course buzzing with ideas about how to raise the profile of Mental Health within SimpleClick - from having wellbeing focused 1-2-1s every month, to putting posters up in the toilets.   We've now got World Mental Health Day and Mental Health Awareness Week firmly planted in the company calendar, and we'll make sure that we do something really special to celebrate those and to help smash the stigma. 

Claire is now the nominated company Mental Health Lead - we felt it was really important to make sure there's someone with specific responsibility for this because a large part of our company mission is to make sure that our team are happy and healthy.

To find out more about Mental Health First Aid training and to see what courses are on in your area, go to https://mhfaengland.org/book-a-course/.