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Tourism, let’s bounce it back!

By Richard Jennis 12th August 2021
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In 2020, Tourism was one of the hardest hit industries as a direct result of the COVID pandemic. The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) published stats in July 2021 that international travel, from January to May 2021, was 85% lower than 2019 levels for the same period. A slight upward trend did emerge in May 2021 due to some destinations easing restrictions.

There has been a lot of publicity in promoting staycations in the UK to encourage local tourism. However, how does the tourism industry bounce back from the overall impact? There is a vested interest from the Government to rebuild this sector, with pre-Covid predictions of the tourism industry worth in excess of £257 billion by 2025.

How can the digital tech industry support this bounce-back? Digital enablement plays a vital role in this, not only with an improved digital presence online through intelligent SEO and content via websites and social media, but also optimising platforms such as Google My Business.  All of this will contribute to improving a business’s Google ranking, enhancing the chances of being found by a potential visitor; whether that be a hotel, camping site, restaurant, or local attraction.

Encouraging visitor reviews is essential in raising your profile, what better way to sell your offering than through visitor experiences and recommendations.

Although the tech industry can’t give you interior design recommendations or improve the dishes your chef serves up, it can shine a light on your business being found easily.

With a high portion of the population using smart phones, this is one of the main ports for information that a visitor will use as their “go to” on what’s around them when they are staying in your location. Visitor experience is essential for continued growth and can be maximized through mobile technology, by offering a solution direct to your visitors mobile.

On September 21st I’ll be delivering a seminar for “The Glamping Show 2021”, specific to “Improving guest experience with mobile technology”. Join me and hear my thoughts on how this can be best achieved.

Tickets can be purchased here.