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The growing importance of AI

By Andy Boland 13th February 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest growing technologies, estimated to be worth £44.75 billion by 2025 and it’s not hard to understand why.

It has infiltrated vehicle engineering - providing us with driverless cars; helps us to build homes which are intelligent to our personal preferences; and assists businesses in providing a tailored and personalised service to their paying customers. 

Now that the world is becoming increasingly more reliant on digital services and technologies, businesses are looking for faster, more accurate and cost effective technologies that help to streamline processes and positively impact profitability. 

With AI’s unlimited potential, designers and developers should be leveraging AI applications and tools to make the online experience of websites and mobile apps richer and more personalised. It can also help enhance a website’s appearance and strengthen its search abilities, which can return improved conversions.

Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) systems

AI has become an essential part of modern web development and ADI systems can allow designers to create enhanced functionality and improved user experience (UX) – something which is incredibly useful when deciding key design requirements for different website variations. 

For example, for an e-commerce website that receives request for quotes, designers can optimise it using AI based on the website’s everyday interactions with customers. Having an AI working in the background can be a perfect solution to keep your website and its functions updated whilst remaining competitive in the market. 

Another example is the use of chatbots, which tend to be a permanent fixture on most websites or mobile apps. However, to keep interaction with a human user engaging, AI is often run in the background to ensure the chatbot replies in as human a way as possible. The chatbot uses natural language processing systems that can help to generate meaningful conversations which can result in better engagement scores.

Advanced AI chatbots can understand the business’s historical chat logs and calls and develop its own knowledge base. It can also run your website messaging channels, mobile app and service tools independently, saving you time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Improving UX with AI

There are many benefits to using AI to improve your website’s UX. It has allowed designers to create interfaces which are far more engaging and responsive than traditional websites. 

What’s more, AI-based product recommendation solutions can help to influence purchase decisions. A great example of using AI to manage recommendations is Netflix. The popular streaming service uses AI to show recommendations based on the user’s preferences and selections made by similar profiled customers. 

Using AI to provide recommendations as soon as customers interact with the website, especially e-commerce sites can provide valuable insight. These extensions and plugins can track an individual’s store history and based on related searches, generate recommendations, which can lead to improved and larger conversions.

If you’d like to know more about how UX design and how you can enhance your user journey using AI please get in touch.

You can contact us on 0844 736 2747 or email [email protected].