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The benefits of rebranding

By Richard Jennis 26th March 2020

The internet is a fantastic place for businesses to propel their brand to the masses and engage with new customers that they wouldn’t necessarily reach through a traditional high street presence.

However, it can be a highly-populated space with a number of companies targeting the same consumers. Branding is increasingly important when wanting to cut through the noise and evoke loyalty in a time where consumer behaviour towards brands is shifting. Whether your business is well-established or was launched a couple of years ago, having a strong brand that intrigues and excites customers can be invaluable.

Why should you consider a rebrand?

It’s inevitable that visual branding will need updating as trends come and go, and our consumption of information changes. While it can be daunting for a business to make this kind of change, even the biggest brands make subtle tweaks to their identity when the time is right. We live in a fast-paced world and a brand which was developed 15 or 20 years ago might look out-of-date in today’s climate.

At SimpleClick we recently breathed fresh life into the Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines website following its rebrand to reposition itself as a high-end, elegant cruise line which places its customers at the heart of the business.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has been a client of ours for over 11 years, and throughout our time working with them we’ve ensured that their digital services sit in line with the messages that they convey both on the high street and on the ships. This has resulted in a lot of trust between the two of us, and when the team approached us to update the look & feel of their website to coincide with the launch of their new brochure, their in-house design team provided us with some designs based on a few key pages.

As part of the digital rebranding of Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, SimpleClick implemented a cleaner website design using the key page designs as our brief. The online rebrand is subtle with font and colour changes as the primary alterations. This is something which was important to Fred. Olsen to avoid confusion amongst its existing customer-base, who were used to its already well-established identity. The new-look website was unveiled in time for the distribution of the brochure, and the next steps will be to roll out the updated design to the app and on-board portal.

The opportunities and risks of rebranding

There are many reasons to consider a rebrand, and when it’s done right it can be incredibly effective in re-engaging everyone from customers and stakeholders to staff.

As the years pass, many businesses and the markets they operate in will evolve and diversify. A rebrand can help to reflect these changes as well as refreshing a business’s image, and potentially even adding value.

However, rebranding isn’t always the right approach to take and it can come with some risks.

Overhauling a brand is an expensive exercise so it’s important to consider if it’s the right thing for your business at that moment in time. You should also think about what you want to achieve from a rebrand – is it to attract new customers or reposition the business in the marketplace? The end goal can make a big difference when deciding on which direction a brand should go in.

If your brand is well-established with a loyal customer base, you should also think about how they might react to a rebrand. For example, if you go too far in the opposite direction to your existing identity in order to attract a new audience, you might risk losing your core supporters.

If you're thinking about refreshing your website to tie in with a recent rebrand, SimpleClick can ensure it is done properly, within budget and delivered on time. You can contact us on 0844 736 2747 or email [email protected].