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“Tech should be an enabler, not a driver” - how software design agency SimpleClick are approaching things differently

By Richard Jennis 1st June 2021

Richard Jennis, Director of Ipswich’s software design agency SimpleClick, explains how they are raising the bar for their clients with bespoke solutions and partnerships

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It's good to listen

When I founded SimpleClick in 2008, I knew I wanted to put clients first. No one-size-fits all solutions or package deals would be on offer from this tech agency. SimpleClick is not merely customer-focused; the agency forms close partnerships with clients and invests a lot of time in identifying and delivering the exact solution each job requires.

The name ‘SimpleClick’ sums up our approach – making the complex simple and ensuring clients don’t get bogged down by techno-babble and too much detail. The agency leads with a strong human angle on all projects. The key to successful outcomes is a full understanding of a client’s needs and a logical, fit-for-purpose answer provided by SimpleClick. Clients who don’t want to know the ins and outs of a project from start to finish can relax as our experts take the reins and sweat the small stuff. 

SimpleClick provides a range of bespoke services for clients, including website design, mobile app development, or usability testing and consultation. Software development is another key facet of the business, particularly automated systems built specifically for each client to run the processes they need with little to no intervention required on their part.

SimpleClick values displayed in the officeOur approach is different to many other agencies in that we tend to partner with our clients long-term, rather than delivering a project and then moving on. SimpleClick employees are problem-solvers; we don’t pick something off a list of existing solutions, we create our own each time. I firmly believe that technology should enable solutions rather than driving the process and this is what we offer our clients.

This means the client gains and maintains control of the technology they have implemented. Our systems are powered by our own content management system, Doddle, which gives us limitless flexibility and creativity. As well as getting their own unique solution, clients are in charge of its evolution and won’t be inhibited by limitations. Projects built in Doddle are future-proof from phase one onwards and easily able to adapt to ongoing needs. We have a strong track record of success using Doddle and customer feedback has been incredibly positive.

When a client begins working with us, they are buying into our agency as well as their own project. They receive the benefit of SimpleClick’s expertise in managing processes and lifelong support regardless of their needs. As we have all seen over the past year, predicting future requirements is hard to do and it’s important to invest in technology that can move with your company rather than limit your potential.

If you have complex tech requirements and know an off-the-shelf solution won’t cut it, you’ll find SimpleClick is different from other development agencies. You won’t be just another client to us, but a partner that we will invest in as much as you will invest in us. As well as your own personalised solution, you’ll receive expert management throughout the project’s lifespan and an outcome that is 100% future-proof. Working with us is simply not like working with other agencies, that’s why we are SimpleClick.

To find out more about how we can create a bespoke solution for your next project, go to what we do.