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SimpleClick Social Blog!

By Kat Robinson 17th April 2019

Here at SimpleClick we absolutely love a social event. We’re always planning what we can do next, and we’re not shy of a little competitiveness.

We started the year planning a pub quiz. Upon arrival at the venue, we soon discovered this would not be an option as the place was heaving so we had to move on to plan B; bowling! After two games of bowling, we learnt one thing…. Director Claire was a secret pro bowler. With all those strikes and spares, it made it evident who the winner was, until next time Claire. 😉

A few weeks later the girls of the office decided enough was enough and we needed a little recoup in the form of a Spa Day at Suffolk New College. We spent the morning in the steam and sauna rooms, and each received a full body massage.

We felt worlds away from what would have been a normal Wednesday in the office! Following this, we were led to the restaurant Shellys, where we were provided with a tapas style lunch and enjoyed a good old natter about what the rest of the day had in store for us! After lunch, it was all go… a manicure & facial (not at the same time) followed by a wash and blow dry! What a lovely day we had. We even treated ourselves to a glass of prosecco afterwards. If only we didn’t have partners and kids to go home to, we could have made a night out of it! 😊

So the next thing we decided to give a go was the puzzle room at Suffolk Foodhall. We left work on a Friday and went straight there, assembled in our two pre-picked teams and listened to our instructions. All not knowing what to expect when entering the rooms we quickly started piecing together all the clues, both teams hoping they were not going to hear the victory celebrations from the other team.

Time was ticking, and we knew we were getting towards that 60-minute mark. Then it came… the celebrations from Team Claire, beating Team Rich by just two minutes to a lucky escape. A great evening out and a new experience for most of us. A rematch is a must though!

Regular climbers Matt and Naomi decided for our next outing they would take a few of us newbies to the local climbing centre. What were we getting ourselves into! Thankfully there were no broken bones or particularly bad falls. It was great to be active and to try something different. After climbing for an hour it became clear the drive home was going to be difficult as our hands now resembled claws, ouch! Even though we had a few achy muscles the next day, we were still looking forward to giving it another go soon!

Finally, the much anticipated Friends Quiz at Wiff Waf was looming, and all Friends fans in the office were prepping on their lunch hour with challenging Friends trivia, and sharing our knowledge with each other giving us the best chance of a top 3 place! (competitive much, hmmm) After filling our bellies with 2-4-1 burgers, it was finally quiz time, and it looked like we were one of 42 teams! Wow, we were really going to have to pull something out of the bag here. And that we did, after round one we were placed 4th, after round two we were 3rd, after a nail-biting third round we finally placed 6th respectively. What a night.

Working at SimpleClick, sees opportunities inside and outside of work. We see the importance of enjoying time together as a team and we look forward to what else is coming up this year! The next instalment of the SimpleClick social calendar will be with you in a few months time…..