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John Grose Ford Charity Quiz Night 2018

By Rachael Ward 1st November 2018

Last night the team got together to take part in the annual John Grose Ford Charity Quiz Night.

We split into two teams and went head to head – a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone! Team ‘WYSIWYG’ vs Team ‘I know not what the error’ (Inside SimpleClick jokes…. If you know, you know!).

There were 10 rounds of questions including a ‘how many’ round, a music round and a 2018 round which was the round both teams did best on. Memorable questions included “How many zeros follow the 1 in a googol?”. The answer was 100 which Matt got straight away (how I have no idea!) and “What is the nickname for The Bank of England?”. The answer was The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street… no points scored for either team! And who knew that there are 10 ways to get ‘Out’ in cricket, we sure didn’t!?

Team ‘I know not what the error’ were the champions scoring 56, a mere three points over Team ‘WYSIWYG’s score of 53 but still a victory we’re clinging on to. We were nowhere near the top of the league, the winners got close to 90 points! Maybe we need to book some revision sessions in with those guys before next time.

Two of us won in the raffle and there was an auction with prizes kindly donated by local businesses. All in all, over £2000 was raised which gets split equally between Suffolk Family Carers and St Elizabeth Hospice – an amazing amount for two fantastic charities!

It was a great night and we’re already looking forward to the 2019 event... and another win for Team ‘I know not what the error’…!