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Improve recruitment through your digital footprint

By Jules Mackley 15th September 2021

It’s nothing new that there is a recruitment crisis in the UK in the current climate. There is non-stop media coverage around how haulage is suffering as a direct result of COVID and Brexit in recruiting enough drivers. Haulage isn’t the only sector faced with this issue and it’s not a recent problem.

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All sectors have been finding recruitment fairly problematic for quite some time now, recent developments with Brexit and the pandemic have just piled more pressure onto an issue, which has also been dealing with several other environmental factors leading to a shortage of staff. In many cases, such as retail and healthcare, this issue has been brought about by the minimum and living wages being so low.  There is no shortage of recruitment agencies in the UK working hard to plug the gaps and take the burden away from the recruitment process.

So, how can your digital footprint help in a smart technology generation? Discovering all you need is at your fingertips, on your phone, or on your laptop. It’s astounding how many businesses are still not optimising their visibility to potentially recruit candidates through their website or social media. Your website is your shop window and is incredibly important that it’s inviting, showcases your company ethos and that it is user-friendly.

It’s not all doom and gloom though… There are things you can put in place to improve your visibility, not just for candidates seeking employment, but also for potential customers seeking your services.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Look at your website with fresh eyes. Is it inviting, attractive, engaging, and easy to understand what services you provide? What job opportunities are currently on offer? Is it easy to navigate your website?
  • Consider your Google ranking; ideally, you want to be on the first page of searches.
  • Utilise Google my Business to improve your Google search position.
  • Is social media being used, and if so, is it effective with engaging content.
  • Is SEO being optimised through your content on all platforms used to engage with the right type of candidate or customer?
  • Consider if you are on the right platforms for your business, does Instagram suit your business purpose?

There is a lot to consider when maximising your digital footprint and how it affects your brand. A poorly driven digital strategy could do more harm than if you did nothing at all. It can be overwhelming and even time consuming just learning how to get it right. You don’t have to navigate this on your own; engaging with a digital expert will pay dividends in the long run through a carefully planned digital strategy.

If you want to find out more about how to improve your digital footprint, call SimpleClick on 0844 736 2747 or email us.