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Life as a SimpleClick degree apprentice

By Harry Palmer 6th February 2020

Degree apprenticeships combine university study and workplace learning to enable apprentices to gain a full bachelor’s or master’s degree.

SimpleClick has two degree apprentices myself, and George, both working towards obtaining degrees in Digital and Technology Solutions with Anglia Ruskin University. The degree apprenticeship scheme has given me the learning opportunities which I wouldn’t get in a classroom alone. Allowing me to work and develop my skills to a professional standard around a knowledgeable team in the workplace.

Time at work

As an apprentice, I have the same opportunities as employees, earning a weekly wage and working alongside experienced staff. 20% of my working week is dedicated to University work. This may consist of attending Webinars or concentrating on coursework that needs to be submitted. 

My role as a junior developer enables me to continually learn new skills building websites and mobile apps. I have been spending my time recently learning Java Script. I have always been comfortable using HTML and CSS, so it’s great to have the capacity to learn a new language from the experts. I have also been given the opportunity to attend Hackathons and Developer Conferences.

From working at SimpleClick I’ve learnt what the standards of code should be and how I should develop everything to adhere to those standards, this has allowed for me to try and bring this into my Uni work too, through the allotted time I’ve had to do coursework at work and in my own time. This is something that you could learn at uni however this is something that’s a given at work and will enable you to be a lot more productive with your time.

Time at university

At the beginning of each semester, I attend University in Cambridge for a week. The week is fully packed with lectures around a broad range of subjects from Computer Science, Software Developing, Cyber Security to Networking. 

It offers the opportunity to have 1:1 conversations with tutors regarding your course work or topics. It also gives me the opportunity to talk to other degree apprentices.

Support from peers

At SimpleClick I’ve found that there is plenty of support when you need it. Senior members of the team regularly take the time to support and educate other members of the team. I have been challenged, given the opportunity to learn new skills and work on exciting projects from when I first started. 

I am part of weekly team meetings to discuss challenges from the previous week, opportunities and our work for the week.

There is also 1-2-1 support, 6 monthly supervision meetings to discuss your work and monthly meetings where I can openly discuss anything that may be affecting me, be it work related or not.

It’s great to have a team behind me that wants me to succeed, and will always give you a helping hand if I need something explained that I may have forgotten to ask my tutor.

Opportunities outside work

The Social Side of working in an IT field can be limited but working at SimpleClick there is always a range of things to do.

Some of the team like to get physical and head to the gym, climbing wall or running club. Recently one of the team has started a Dungeons and Dragons group, which started at lunchtimes but has now evolved to a whole Saturday afternoon. There is also the opportunity to go out for food and drinks, quiz nights and the cinema.

If you'd like to find out more about the degree apprenticeship scheme then speak with our partners at Anglia Ruskin University.