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Hey Google! Where’s my nearest website design agency?

By Jules Mackley 28th October 2021
SimpleClick Google My Business Profile on a mobile phone

How many times have you thought ‘I’ll Google that’ then grabbed your mobile to find the answer?

Google estimated in 2019 they processed 3.5 billion searches a day; that’s an average of 40,000 Google searches every second. This is a huge increase from 1998 where Google processed around 10,000 queries per day. Statistics from Statisa.com showed that in February 2021, Google dominated the search engine market with a 92.05% share of all searches.

With 92% of online buyers comparing brands online before buying something, you need to be in the search results to be in with a chance. Local information searches account for 46% of all Google searches so having an online profile is important for businesses. Every business wants to appear on the first page of a local Google search but also wants the information shown about their business to be accurate. This is where a Google My Business (GMB) profile comes into play. Having a well optimised Google My Business account is a great way to get found at the top of those search results, especially for local searches.

GMB is a free platform which enables you to promote your Business Profile and website on Google search and maps.  It not only provides your physical location on Google maps but it can also give accurate information regarding opening hours, products and services available, reviews and photos. Think of GMB as your shop window, this is your opportunity to entice people in.

It’s easy to claim your GMB profile through Google maps. There will be links for 'Own this business' or 'Verify this listing' if the location has not been claimed or verified. However, If you find it has already been claimed you can contact Google and they will assist you in resetting your account.

How do I complete my GMB profile?

Start by adding basic information about your business. GMB lets potential customers get in touch with you right away so it’s important to check these details are correct.

Business name

This needs to be consistent with your website, stationary, and what your customers would know you by. This will help existing and new customers find you online


Your address needs to be accurate. Google offers the ability to search and use Google maps for directions to your business address.


You can choose the categories that will help your customers to find your business by industry.  Think about what people would put into a search engine to find what you do.

Service areas

This is the location where your business provides deliveries or services. This can be by town/city, county or country.

Opening hours

Customers often search to find out what time a business is open. Having accurate times is really important. There is nothing more annoying then visiting a shop that is closed; this could end up losing customers. Special hours can also be added, e.g. Bank Holidays and holiday periods.

Telephone number

With over 60% of Google searches now being carried out on a mobile, adding your telephone number to GMB allows customers to call you directly from the search results.


Add a link to your website. Make sure the content is up to date.

Appointment links

You can add a link to the appointments page on your website so people can book through Google.


Adding products will enable customers to discover your business on Google search and maps. Adding products will increase your chances of being found on Google when customers search the products you sell. Adding products into categories with a button that links to your website, ensuring you include a product description using keywords and a price.

Regular posts

Like any other social media platform, you can post offers, events, what’s new, and products. This is a great opportunity for you to increase your local visibility and boost organic search results. At the minimum, you should be posting at least once a week. Posts last 7 days and only the most recent post appears in a google search. If it is something important and you want it to appear on all your searches, don’t post anything else for 6 days!


Google reported that a business with photos on their GMB receive 42% more requests for driving directions and 35% more click throughs to their websites. A logo and a cover photo are a must, you can add photos into a number of categories. It’s important to have something in each category.

Remember, customers can add photos to your GMB account too!


Reviews are really important. It’s an opportunity for customers to share their feedback. GMB enables customers to add a star rating, comment and/or images. Best practice is to reply to every review.  A potential customer will be able to see that you value your customers by engaging with them even if it’s regarding an issue, this gives an insight into how you deal with customer service.

Questions and answers

Anyone can ask a question on your GMB page and anyone can answer! Regularly checking to give customers a quick and accurate answer is good practice. If you have a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website this is a good place for you to add these too.

It's time to get started

Set up your GMB profile, download the app and you’re ready to go!

Remember a few simple rules - post regularly, add photos, keep opening times up to date and reply to all reviews, this will help your listing rank higher in Google searches.

If you would like to talk more about your Google My Business profile, need help to set up your profile, or need to talk about local SEO then please give SimpleClick a call on 0844 736 2747 or email us.