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E-commerce, it’s a Doddle

By Jules Mackley 4th August 2021

Business’ going down the online e-commerce route is nothing new, but it is also something that has not been fully optimised or even utilised by a vast number of businesses yet. Shocking when you think how much more sales and revenue it might generate, not to mention the branding it will also bring to a business’ online presence.

Online shopping

A natural fit might be to consider something like Shopify, but what if there was an alternative option? AND not just any old alternative, but actually a solution that is personalised to you and your branding and not just an “off the shelf” platform?

Doddle was developed in-house at SimpleClick, as an alternative to Shopify, to enable clients to customise their e-commerce offering. Our developers work with clients to fully customise Doddle specifically to their requirements, and implement their own vision of what they want as an e-commerce offering to their customers.

So how is Doddle any different to Shopify?

  • Doddle cuts out the middle man if you’re looking for a personally tailored solution. Although you can customise Shopify, it will have limitations and you will probably need to sign up a developer to assist with the more complex customisations. With Doddle it’s all done in-house to your own specification.
  • Because SimpleClick owns the platform, the sky’s the limit on how it can be tailored to our clients’ needs.
  • Doddle also offers many other solutions including; content management system (CMS), website design that stands out from the crowd, better website security, integration with third parties, and being in charge of your SEO.
  • It’s a safe and secure alternative for the sale of products on an automated basis and can even integrate with your accountancy software to raise an invoice!

Doddle offers you a personalised e-commerce platform, website, and support from expert website & App development and digital strategy all in one place. With Doddle you’re in control of its design, branding, and customer engagement; and the best bit about it, we can even turn it into an app for mobile phone & tablet use to give a fully all round optimised user experience.


It's a Doddle

Call us on 0844 736 2747 or email [email protected] to find out more about how Doddle could work for you.