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DXP: Providing your customers with an unforgettable digital experience

By Andy Boland 28th August 2019

The way that we operate our businesses has changed; people are choosing to work remotely, and consumers are opting to shop online. Long gone are the days where customers picked up the phone to file a complaint; instead they use social media to put negative views of brands in the public spotlight.

Currently, customer experience is believed to be the key competitive differentiator for brands, over and above price or product. Due to this behavioural shift, businesses are heavily investing in their digital presence which involves far more than a website. 

Digitisation is a top priority for businesses, with many now using an omnichannel approach to reach consumers in contextually relevant moments. This has resulted in the need for more complex and innovative solutions, and businesses are turning to customisable DXPs (digital experience platforms) that are tailored to sit in-line with business requirements and growth ambitions. 

A DXP is an integrated set of core technologies that supports the management, delivery and optimisation of cross-channel continuity throughout the entire customer journey.

There are a number of benefits that DXPs can offer businesses including:

  • Give control over every touchpoint
  • Allow them to communicate with customers in a variety of ways
  • Optimise the customer experience across multiple points of interaction
  • Provide deeper and more contextual personalisation
  • Provide a unified data source
  • Improve internal productivity
  • Can be cost-effective

A DXP has the ability to unify content across digital touchpoints beyond the web. This can include IoT (Internet of Things) devices, in-store kiosks, mobile apps and social media. The advantage to this is that no matter where the customer is interacting with the brand, the DXP can customise and roll out content or creative based on the individual’s specific needs or context.

This is where the technology can become incredibly intuitive: that customer who would normally file a complaint by picking up the phone, contacts you on social media to air their grievance. The DXP can help to identify this person (and their previous customer behaviour), which in turn allows you to create content that specifically appeals to them. 

A DXP can also collect and analyse behaviour at work, unifying data to create a centralised view, which can also be used to streamline and improve internal employee productivity-, taking away silos and enabling people to access data or information when and where it’s required. 

Although this system can be expensive to commission, it is an investment that can be more cost-effective over time. This solution is bespoke to your business which can provide you with a competitive edge. The build typically involves an API-first CMS, which means existing systems can be easily integrated, allowing for easy upgrades and future integrations and even expanding its capabilities as a business grows.

At SimpleClick, we pride ourselves in staying ahead of the curve, and believe our bespoke software solution Doddle has been providing our clients with enhanced customer experiences since its inception in 2008. Contact us on 0844 736 2747 or email us at [email protected] to discuss how a DXP could provide your customers with an unforgettable digital experience.