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Does your business need an app?

By Andy Boland 5th July 2019

From the way we consume content to how we bank, shop and even ‘date’, we’re used to reaching for a mobile phone as a remote control for life.

On Google’s Play Store we can choose between 2.1 million apps and on Apple’s App Store there is just shy of 1.8 million apps to download (Statista). Last year alone there were 194 billion app downloads worldwide and £78bn was spent on the Apple App Store (Drapers). 

Creating an app that gains traction with customers can give your business a significant boost. Look at Amazon; nine out of 10 shoppers surveyed by uSwitch.com said that they have bought an item from the retailer on their mobile or tablet in the last year. What’s more, the research also revealed that consumers will spend an estimated £25bn on goods via their smartphones and tablets in 2019 - a 66% rise from 2018. 

These are all very attractive findings, and for some businesses having an app is considered an essential accessory. However, like with many things in life, there is a flipside. According to data by NCMA Group, one month after installing an app, 53% of consumers fail to return to it, which then diminishes to a whopping 68% after just three months. 

What this data shows is the importance of fresh content and ensuring that your business provides a unique offering. Having an app can require a significant investment of resources in terms of updates and maintenance, and you need to weigh up the pros and cons to decide if developing an app is in your company’s best interests.

Key questions you need to ask yourself before taking the plunge:

  • Is your website optimised for mobile?
  • Do your competitors have apps? What do they do that works/doesn’t work? Is there a gap in the market you operate in?
  • Will having an app solve a customer problem?
    Does retaining customer data (e.g. billing and delivery address) simplify conversions?
  • Do you offer a customer loyalty programme (exclusive special offers etc.)? Having push notifications can complement your e-marketing strategy.

The app arena is fiercely competitive, and in some markets highly-saturated.There are a number of ways for businesses to achieve its goals, from web design to paid search and SEO. At SimpleClick we are here to help you decide if an app is the right approach. We don’t believe in talking techno-babble and if we see that there's a better way for you to increase sales, receive the return on investment you need and reach new customers, we will provide you with the transparent advice required to make an informed decision. Whatever your vision for your business, our experience in marketing and developing apps and websites will enable you to bring it to life.

Talk to us today to discuss whether a mobile app is right for your business on 0844 736 2747 or find more ways to contact us.