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Acronym overload! SEO, SEM & SMO?

By Claire Thorpe 14th April 2016

If you’ve ever gone into a meeting with a web developer, chances are you’ve come out thinking “huh?” Within the web development world, there are a wide range of acronyms, and trust us, you won’t be the first to wonder what they all mean!

In our view, there’s no need to wow potential clients with industry jargon – if anything, it will only make the whole process that much more confusing because they won’t understand what you are talking about!

Entering a jargon-free zone!

At SimpleClick, our motto is “complex solutions made simple”.

It may seem obvious, but we feel that the techno-babble should be left at the door and conversations should be had in plain English.

But if you were wondering what any of the common acronyms mean, here’s a quick jargon-buster!

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation

Otherwise known as how to be at the top of the list on Google (disclaimer: other search engines are available).

You may hear the term SEO banded about constantly but what it really means is how companies can tweak their websites so that when customers search for key words or phrases, your company appears high in the list.

SEO is a difficult topic – often you’ll notice websites littered with keywords, trying to improve their relevancy without remembering the need for basic grammar and comprehension! What search engines are looking for is continually evolving but we always work closely with our clients to ensure that they get the best results possible.

SEM = Search Engine Marketing / PPC = Pay Per Click

These terms often relate to payment platforms such as GoogleAdwords and Bing Ads.

Have you ever noticed the adverts at the top of Google whenever you do a search? This is what we are referring to.

Simply put, you appear towards the top of the search engine for your chosen keyword and only pay when someone clicks on your link. You may think “that sounds great” but it’s often more complex than you may think. If you don’t pay attention to how you set up your campaigns, it could cost you an unexpected fortune!

If you are interested in a PPC campaign, then that’s great – it can work very effectively. However, a word of warning – we really wouldn’t advise setting up your own campaign without any experience or training. However, once it’s been established on your behalf it should be simple to manage.

SMO = Social Media Optimisation

It’s official. Social media has taken over the online world!

Whether you’re an active user or not, social media has digitally revolutionised the ways in which businesses operate online.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram…. whatever you use, they are all designed to raise awareness of your brand, drive traffic back to your website and help you build positive relationships with your audiences.

Every platform has its own strengths, and some will be more relevant than others when it comes to your business but it’s always a good idea to continually link back to your website from your social media updates.

Still confused?

No one ever said it was easy, and with new technologies emerging all the time, we’re sure new acronyms will be created. But you shouldn’t be afraid of them, and if you are in a conversation with someone and you’re unsure what they mean, just ask!

Of course, if you need any additional advice or support to help you improve your website performance, we’re always here to answer any questions you may have. All you have to do is get in touch.

With SimpleClick, you can guarantee that we’ll leave the jargon behind!