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Improving efficiency for the first notification of loss team through great systems design

The client.

A leading motor insurance claims handling centre which operates within a single call centre.

The company is responsible for both domestic and commercial vehicle claims across a UK-wide network of authorised repair centres.

The challenge.

As a national claim handling centre, the client was dealing with hundreds of domestic and commercial enquiries as well as liaising directly with authorised repair centres throughout the UK.

The volume of calls taken by the call centre meant that they needed an updated system which would allow them to easily log claims and track vehicle repairs.

Agents working within the call centre had noted that the legacy system was not only inflexible and outdated, but it wasn’t user friendly, and lacked any integration with other internal systems. It was also noted that many simple tasks had to be manually completed by agents who were under time pressures to complete claims quickly.  

The brief.

  • To create an attractive, user friendly and responsive system specifically designed for call management services.
  • To provide a flexible workflow system which could be fully customised to suit bespoke scenarios.
  • To automate simple tasks required to complete claims, freeing up agents to handle other responsibilities.
  • To fully integrate the workflow system with other data providers, therefore reducing the risk of human errors.

The process.

We began by conducting a thorough analysis of the existing legacy system which allowed us to not only understand the workflow, but also identify any specific pain points as noted by the agents.

Once we’d completed our study, we developed a wireframe for a new process which not only addressed the client’s concerns, but also included automated technology. This would ensure that simple tasks could be easily completed, reducing the need for any lengthy manual interventions by the agents.

We were looking to create a slick, modern and intuitive interface which fully supported the agents throughout the claim handling process.

Once the wireframes were signed off, we produced client-approved designs for each step in the process which were further refined during the testing phase.

The solution.

Thanks to excellent communication with the client, we could incorporate their specific requirements such as using the Microsoft stack.  

The result was a comprehensive workflow management system which exposed data to the front end via Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) webservices. We also integrated the user interface with many external data services such as Audatex, which is the industry-standard product for detailing vehicle repairs and tracking process.

Greater flexibility was added to the workflow system which meant that the client could easily adjust the question orders. This complex branching gave the client the ability to modify claim requests and create bespoke scenarios specific to their domestic and commercial partners.

The timescale.

From concept to delivery, the whole project took approximately nine months to complete.

The immediate results.

The client was extremely pleased with the new workflow system.

Agents working in the call centre reported that it was user-friendly, intuitive and far more responsive.

They confirmed that they were able to complete their claims calls much more effectively and that the automated tasks have resulted in fewer errors. 

The longer-term benefits.

  • Workflows have been successfully streamlined. Claims are handled quicker than ever before and more attention to detail is recorded throughout each stage.
  • Automation has contributed towards these quicker claim handling times with significantly fewer errors.
  • Agents have been able to efficiently provide claimants with progress updates at all stages of the claim handling process.
  • Thanks to a modern, responsive and intuitive application, agents can work much more effectively.

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