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Ever wondered how we develop mobile apps for a business?

We’ve developed a wide range of apps for businesses across multiple sectors – from automotive insurance and media, to entertainment, travel and social. 

We even develop apps for other agencies, enabling them to offer bespoke, branded technology solutions for their own clients.

Whether we’re developing mobile applications for iOS, Swift or Android or a cross-platform framework such as Xamarin or React Native, our approach is the same. And we’ll always treat any third-party developments as if they were destined for our own clients.

Our approach.

Thanks to almost a decade’s worth of experience as app developers, we’re pretty flexible with the way in which we work. What’s most important is that we work together with our clients in a way that they are most comfortable.

Equally happy to work using either an agile or waterfall methodology, the first step will always be to get to know the client and their business – working with them to gather their (often very) specific requirements.

If a waterfall approach to development is preferred, where we follow a pre-determined, agreed, logical progression of steps from start to finish, we are able to offer a fixed price quote.

Using the popular agile methodology, where development is divided into short sprints (typically no more than four weeks), clients can see how their application is progressing during the regular review sessions held between sprints. This has the added benefit of allowing the requirements for future sprints to be reprioritised or tweaked further as the project progresses.

Chasing waterfalls or looking for an agile solution? If you’re not sure which approach best suits your app development, don’t worry. Just give us a call and we can talk through the most appropriate method for you and your team.

The First Step.

Once we’ve worked with the client to ensure that all requirements are understood, the next step is wireframing – where the look and feel of an app will begin to take shape.

Wireframing is really important as it allows all parties to understand how the user will navigate around the app and allows us to come up with the required layout of each screen.

Once the wireframes are complete, it’s time to move to the design phase!

App design involves confirming all of the visual aspects of an app – defining the fonts, colours, graphics and icons to be used. We’ll take time to ensure that all of the app’s visual elements are completely on-brand and will follow any brand guidelines that are set out to us by the client. Rather than simply acting as a stand-alone piece of tech, we know how important it is for an app to act as a seamless extension of a brand.

The Content.

App content is typically managed via a content management system (CMS), which enables content to be updated dynamically. We have our own unique CMS, Doddle, which we currently use to deliver content to applications that we build. If a client has its own existing, or preferred, CMS however, we can also integrate with this.

Development and Testing.

Once the design phase is complete and the application has been populated with all content, it’s time to begin the development phase – the phase our team of techies have been excitedly waiting for!

We use the latest tools and frameworks to develop all applications, to ensure that the app works seamlessly across all devices and delivers a consistent, responsive user experience. 

As with all our projects, we undertake a process of rigorous testing to make sure we deliver on our promise – to provide an application that simply ‘works’. If needed, we can also manage the process of getting a client’s application onto the app stores for Apple and Android. Both platforms have strict development guidelines and we have lots of experience in meeting them.

Our mobile application developments have spanned many sectors including automotive insurance, media and entertainment (radio and game applications), travel and social marketing. Clients have included Just Eat, Bell Media Canada and Absolute Radio.

App’s not All.

As well as being experts in application development, we also provide resources in other areas such as project management, user-experience (UX) or user interface (UI) design. Acting as an independent consultant, we’re here to ensure that all apps hit the right spots when it comes to usability and user preference.

Equally, we’re happy to work collaboratively with the client’s own resources in these areas if preferred.

Once the app is live, clients are free to continue using SimpleClick for ongoing development, for example as and when new features are added. Alternatively, we can provide all documentation and training required for inhouse teams to manage any future development themselves.

When it comes to white label app development, our client will own the IP for the application. We won’t use it within SimpleClick promotion or add the application to our portfolio.

To discuss mobile app development for your business or to find out more about our white label partnerships, get in touch today.