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For over 14 years, SimpleClick has built and managed Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ consumer website, continually evolving to meet the changing needs of the business and its customers. The website handles millions of users and generates multi-million pounds of revenue each year. Built on Doddle, the website is flexible, easy to update and scalable to accommodate every need both now and in the future.

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The brief

The Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines website that we originally inherited was clunky, difficult to update and the agency that managed it was slow to deliver. The content was therefore out-of-date and key functionality required by the business’ changing needs was missing.

The site was also not mobile friendly. Fred. Olsen needed the tools to allow them to manage the website content with ease, by people across different departments and with varying skill levels.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines wanted to work with an agency that was responsive, flexible and could deliver a website that exactly met their needs as these change over time.

In a constantly evolving online world, with continual changes in business demands, a website that can support these needs and scale accordingly is crucial to Fred. Olsen Cruise Line’s success.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Website before SimpleClick's involvement

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines website before our involvement in 2009.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines website built by SimpleClick

The solution

SimpleClick first rebuilt Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ consumer website back in 2010, with full content management support.

In 2012, a full redesign and rebuild was undertaken to ensure the site was built mobile-first.

The website was fully rebuilt again a few years later to move onto our Doddle platform which provides enhanced customisation, complex data management, easy-to-use content editing tools with flexible page builds, integration with various third parties along with scheduled data import/export processes.

There have been numerous site iterations over the years to constantly evolve and improve the guest experience in all areas.

The current website implementation features:

  • My Cruises account area that allows guests to manage their booking, book shore tours, update their guest information
  • Online cruise booking process that integrates with the internal sales system
  • Cruise and site search with filtering
  • Templated pages that pull in content from multiple sources
  • Interactive deck plans
  • Ship tracker / locator
  • Blog
  • Brochure request process
  • Email sign up process
  • FAQs with search and feedback process
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines website built by SimpleClick
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines mobile website home page built by SimpleClick

The current Doddle implementation includes our core Doddle functionality alongside many custom modules and features that have been designed specifically to support Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines:

Some of the key custom Doddle modules include:

  • Cruise management
  • Tour management
  • Guest management
  • Pricing file management
  • Destination management
  • Ship management
  • Online booking abandonment management
  • Custom reporting

Some of the core Doddle modules include:

  • Page management using drag and drop interface
  • Content libraries that include lists, accordions, image galleries, modals, alerts
  • Media management
  • Menu management
  • Form creator
  • Customisable page elements
  • Configuration management
  • User management

The results

£8.4m (136%)
Online revenue
Tour bookings
Website visitors

This project was a Doddle.

Multi-site website built using the flexibility and power of Doddle CMS, a SimpleClick Solution. 

This project required integration with various third party platforms including Opayo for payment processing, the internal cruise sales system for cruise and tour bookings and Zoho CRM for guest management.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Line's requirements are not able to be accommodated by off-the-shelf systems, therefore Doddle's customisation capabilities were ideal for this project.

We are proud of the strong working relationship we have built with the whole team at SimpleClick. Year after year we see the incredible results of the partnership and we look forward to the next project.

Terri Overett
Digital Developments & Projects Manager
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

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