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Tyler Marshall


With a long-term interest in how computers work, Tyler was a natural choice to join the SimpleClick team as a junior developer.

Having joined the team in August 2017, Tyler has picked up the fast-paced nature of the work and in December 2018, we dropped the 'junior' and he's now a fully-fledged developer.

When he first began working at SimpleClick, Tyler spend the majority of his time focusing upon making front-end changes and amends to websites – now he has picked up the skills required to allow him to build backend modules and functions.

Learning new skills.

Although only a junior web developer, Tyler’s skills were first-class, and he had been heavily involved in the development of a mobile app and building numerous features for our custom CMS, Doddle. For any member of the team, this is a big ask and it’s been a pleasure to see how enthusiastic our younger team members are about picking up new skills and talents.

As well as learning from other colleagues, Tyler benefited from completing a JavaScript testing course, and as his skills have progressed, he’s been involved in more and more complex client work.

I really enjoy being challenged, learning new concepts and working on different projects using a variety of technologies.

Bonding with peers.

As with other developers, Tyler has attributed his career progression to the support and guidance shown by more senior members of the team.

He believes that the mentorship shown by everyone at SimpleClick has been “key to his development” and is pleased that everyone has the opportunity to learn from others, regardless of how experienced they are.

Looking to the future.

Whilst his biggest dream in life is to sit on a yacht in St Tropez drinking great rum in the sunshine, Tyler’s immediate career goal was met in December 2018 when he progressed to 'developer' and the next step is to be able to start sharing his own experiences with younger people as they join the team. 

On a more long-term basis, Tyler is extremely ambitious and within ten years, he sees himself working as a senior developer leading a variety of complex projects.

At SimpleClick, we enjoy seeing ambition like this and we’re determined to do everything that we can to help him succeed in his journey.