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Sam Stevens

Technical Lead

He may be one of the quieter members of the SimpleClick team, but Sam is a silent leader – everyone looks to him for inspiration. 

From an early age, Sam took a keen interest in computers and electronics, so it was no surprise to anyone who knew him when he began his career within web development. Responsible for configuring servers and developing software, he has a strong knowledge of many different programming languages and he can often be found giving other members of the team help and support.

The best thing about working for SimpleClick is the wide range of projects that I get to work on. There’s always an opportunity to learn something new.

Sam is such a fan of computers than even when he’s not in the office, he enjoys nothing more than a few hours playing games on his PC. On the rare occasion that he does turn off the computer screen, Sam is a keen reader – his favourite book is Hyperion by Dan Simmonds.

If Sam had the opportunity to visit anywhere in the world, he would choose Iceland, after all who could resist taking a trip to see the northern lights?