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Andy, Technical Manager at SimpleClick

Andy Boland

Technical Project Manager

SimpleClick's 'Mr Technical' has a wealth of experience designing IT solutions.

As well as taking the lead on any projects that involve the integration of client systems with external services, Andrew also gets involved in project management - gathering requirements, writing specifications and managing the delivery of system features.

He also deals with support requests and helps to manage the hosting infrastructure, so all in all, is a very busy man!

It’s great to work in a smaller team where the direct results of your work are more evident. Also, we have a great team and the office is a fun place to work!

When not at work, Andrew loves to spend time with his family, play the guitar, or go on long walks along the beach with his dogs.  

A fan of the 'Great Outdoors', Andrew loves to get out and about on his mountain bike - camera in tow for a spot of wildlife and landscape photography - and is also involved in community activities within his village.

He has visited some picture-perfect parts of the World; his favourites being Cairns, the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Sydney and the Maldives. His dream holiday destination though is to see and capture the Northern Lights, either in Iceland or Greenland.