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White Label App Development

Create customer-centric apps for your clients… with a little help from your friends.

The Beatles didn’t just create the most influential music of all time, they talked a lot of sense too.

Make “with a little help from my friends” your mantra and partner with SimpleClick to create an awesome app for your clients - with your name written all over it.

Our specialist team of app developers has been called upon many times to create unique, white label mobile applications for a wide range of industry sectors. So why let a little thing such as lack of resource or in-house skills stop you from creating mobile apps that will benefit both your clients and your bottom line?

Why use a white label app partner like SimpleClick?

In the past, you may have had no choice but to look overseas for an affordable app development partner. Now, our Suffolk-based app developers are here to act as an extension of your own team providing you, and your clients, with a whole host of benefits including:

  • Face-to-face meetings: The personal touch cannot be underestimated: especially when it comes to tech. Meeting with our developers face-to-face helps to build strong relationships as well as speed up the process of defining requirements, demonstrating applications and resolving any issues.

  • A clear focus: Working with a dedicated outside resource on a specific aspect of a project enables your own team to remain focused on the areas they excel in. There’s no need to divert significant time and resource toward learning ‘on the job’, which can have a negative impact on delivery.

  • Better due diligence: By partnering with a UK-based resource, it’s much easier to do the due diligence required to ensure that code quality, source control and GDPR-compliance concerns are alleviated. Working with SimpleClick, you can also be reassured that important aspects such as professional indemnity insurance cover are included too.

  • Data security: In a post-GDPR world, keeping your sensitive data onshore not only reduces risk, but removes the potentially costly requirement to provide large amounts of complicated representative test data.

  • New business opportunities: Working together as technology partners, sharing expertise and common goals can open-up many doors and new markets for both sides: making a white label partnership a win-win situation in both the short, and the long term!

Making use of a local development resource like SimpleClick is also a great way for businesses like yours to help secure Suffolk’s future as a hi-tech hub – benefiting, you, us, your clients and the local economy.

Our Approach to Building White Label Apps.

Whether you need to develop mobile applications for iOS, Swift or Android or a cross-platform framework such as Xamarin or React Native, we always treat our third-party developments with the same level of care and attention as those created for our own clients.

Key to the success of any white label project is ensuring that we work in a way that you and your in-house teams find most comfortable. We’re used to working with both agile and waterfall methodologies and will take time to get to know you, your business and your client’s business, before beginning any design work.

  • Step one.  Requirements Gathering - defining the scope.
  • Step two. Wireframing - refining the navigation and layout.
  • Step three. The Design Phase - fonts, colours, graphics and icons.
  • Step four. Content Upload - using our own CMS Doddle.
  • Step five. Development - using the latest tools and frameworks.
  • Step six. Testing - rigorous testing to create an app that simply 'works'!

For more details on our approach to mobile app development, read our white label app case study.

Your white-label partner for life.

Once your client’s app is live, we’d love for you to continue using SimpleClick for ongoing development work when new features are added. However, if you’d prefer for your in-house team to handle ongoing development, we can provide all the documentation and training they’ll need to do this.

You’ll also own the IP for your app development throughout the whole process – with no costly release clauses.

As well as being specialists in mobile app development, our team can also provide a number of additional and complementary services: from project management, user-experience (UX), and eye-tracking studies to UI design services, we can often provide a fixed price quotation and would be delighted to help.

Talk to us about your white label app development needs on 0844 736 2747. Or, if you’d like to meet us in person, make an appointment to come and see us at our offices just outside Ipswich, Suffolk.