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Rachel Cooke


Rachel joined SimpleClick in 2017 as a Junior Developer but has made tremendous progress and has become a real asset to our development team.  In January 2019, she was promoted to the role of Developer, outgrowing her junior title.

Currently working on more front-end development work, Rachel is using her time at SimpleClick as an opportunity to work with, and learn from, some extremely talented developers and she hopes to continue progressing her career at such a fast pace.

Learning new skills.

 When Rachel joined the team, she initially came from a design background having completed a degree in animation. However, since she joined SimpleClick, she’s shown a real aptitude for web development and has quickly become fluent in HTML and CSS.

Now, Rachel is hugely involved in many of our website projects, helping us to ensure that our websites are all fully mobile responsive. She really enjoys her current work but is eager to learn more and often takes the initiative to ask colleagues to explain how she can further develop her back-end skills. Rachel hopes to become a fully-fledged web developer and we’re keen to help her progress along the SimpleClick career path.

We love seeing Rachel’s enthusiasm, and in rare quiet moments, she can often be found utilising Google’s wide range of training videos to further her knowledge. As a team, we want to nurture this vibrant passion and other members of our development team regularly take the time to support and develop her talent.  

I feel like every day teaches me something new and helps me to learn something a bit different – it’s great to be able to develop my skills so quickly!

Looking to the future.

She may only be a short way into her SimpleClick career, but Rachel is incredibly ambitious and is keen to progress as a senior web developer.

Having benefited from other members of the team taking the time to mentor and guide her, Rachel is keen to be able to offer similar support to newer members of the SimpleClick team. She says that she knows it would be a challenge, but that it’s something that she’s eager to get involved with.

Learning from the best.

The mentorship shown by the whole team has proved to be extremely worthwhile, and Rachel has expressed excitement at how far she has come in such a short space of time. At SimpleClick, we pride ourselves on involving all members of the team in big projects, and it’s an approach which has paid off. We want to encourage our developers to think big and feel like they are a part of something, and it’s great to see how Rachel has flourished and naturally progressed to a Developer role.

When asked what she loves most about her career, Rachel says it’s the “option to work on so many different things. I feel like every day teaches me something new and helps me to learn something a bit different – it’s great to be able to develop my skills so quickly.”