Naomi's career case study

Project Director

In 2012, Naomi joined the SimpleClick team as a Project Manager, later being promoted to Project Director in 2022.

Over the years, Naomi has become an integral part of the team and has helped to develop many large-scale website projects for our clients. Naomi thrives on being able to meet tight client deadlines and particularly enjoys being able to get involved in projects built using our custom CMS, Doddle. 

Naomi Worden - Project Director
Technology moves at such a rapid pace that in the next few years, we could be working on exciting new projects that we don’t even know are possible yet!

Learning new skills

Working on a variety of projects has enabled Naomi to continually develop her skills. She has had the opportunity to work on both large and small-scale projects across a variety of sectors.

Since working for SimpleClick, Naomi has learnt how to carry out user experience research, gained experience in mobile app development and learn how to manage bespoke software development projects. All of which has turned her into a world-class project manager!

Of course, all skills can be updated with external training workshops, and Naomi recently benefited from attending a training course based upon Mobile UX Best Practice. She was also extremely enthusiastic after attending a three-day UX Cambridge Conference and was able to share her experiences with the rest of the team when she returned.

Supporting other members of the team

Naomi believes in team working and is conscientious about giving support to other members of the team. She likes to help the junior staff members feel comfortable and believes that it’s important that they feel that they can ask questions when they need help and guidance.

Enjoying a positive work-life balance

As a working mother, Naomi suggests that SimpleClick’s flexible approach to working has benefitted both her and her family. Combining a career with a family can often be considered a difficult task, but Naomi believes that SimpleClick understand the importance and value of enabling all staff members to enjoy a positive work-life balance.

Currently, Naomi works part-time hours, spreading four days a week across five days. This option not only enables her to give her all to her clients, but it also enables her to be there for her children, managing the school run.

When asked about what she enjoys most when working for SimpleClick, Naomi says it’s the combination of working with great people, great clients and learning new skills thanks to exciting and innovative projects. She also thoroughly enjoys the company’s social scene, with particular highlights including a trip to Thorpe Park, a comedy night, a curry night and even paintballing!

She says: “When you get on with everyone at work and socially, it makes coming to work that much more enjoyable”.

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