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Kicking off our 10th birthday celebrations with a trip to Thorpe Park

By Naomi Worden 29th September 2018

As part of SimpleClick’s 10th birthday celebrations, the team were treated to a day out at Thorpe Park.

We arrived at opening time so we beat the queues and went on Nemesis Inferno followed by Stealth – a few of us needed a little more encouragement than others! Our senior developer Sam showed no fear and succeeded in convincing Matt and Tyler to go on too.

Swarm was next; a series of twists and loop the loops and in quick succession after the previous two rollercoasters, Naomi was left a little green!

SimpleClick at Thorpe Park

We split up and went on Vortex and Rush next, while Naomi concentrated on grounding herself again.

We had a quick pit stop for lunch then went on the Rumba Rapids and somehow managed to not get too wet.

Claire, Rich and Rachel chose the Walking Dead ride next while the rest of us braved Samurai and Storm Surge. The main objective being to position ourselves to keep our shoes dry sitting in a moving dinghy full of water – a source of much amusement (maybe you had to be there…).

We saved Tidal Wave until almost last in the day and a good job we did – while some were prepared with their waterproofs (great planning on Claire and Rachel’s part), the rest of us came off soaking wet. Thankfully it was a warm day so we had a bit of a chance to dry out before home time.

Our final ride of the day was Saw – we mostly loved it, although Matt nearly passed out and Tyler was put off watching the tracks of the ride shaking while we were queuing.

We finished with doughnuts and some fast food before the minibus back home.