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Having the right Digital Expert on your Team

By Richard Jennis 24th June 2021

As we ease ourselves out of lockdown it’s back to business for many industries. But one industry that hasn’t stopped throughout the pandemic and has actually flourished is the digital tech sector.

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It's good to listen

Many businesses have had to evolve quickly whilst tapping away at their laptops at home to get to grips with other ways of generating new business, enhance their branding, and be accessible in a fast-paced world where traditional methods of marketing might not work so well.

These businesses have worked on minimal to no budget and many without the expertise or knowledge to optimise their digital footprint. Some will have stumbled through ok, others maybe not so much or not even switched on to the benefits of having a digital strategy. I suspect there has been an increase in YouTube home tutorials!

What this has done is shine a light on the digital tech industry which is now in high demand. Business owners are realising they need to consider bringing in an expert. The digital tech world is constantly evolving and it’s important to keep up and not be left behind. This has identified a need to allocate a budget to this type of marketing infrastructure to get the right expertise in place. It has also identified a skills gap in the market of those experts who truly know how to navigate digital tech and create a strong digital footprint for any business.

This often results in investment into the wrong or underqualified digital expert without the knowledge to deliver real results, providing poor advice and support. Being a young industry there isn’t a great deal of measurability against rogue so called experts yet.

In comparison to other industries, digital tech is still a young sector, with lots to offer and plenty of benefits. The downside for the tech expert is their work often goes uncredited or unnoticed and without true value placed on their knowledge. These experts are the innovators of the now and the future to come, the engineers of all things internet based, the pioneers of the modern world. They are central to any business’s success and future sustainability. This makes them invaluable to any business in all industries.

So what can you look out for when picking the right digital strategist to work with your company. Reputation is key, look for testimonials on their website, or reviews on other platforms such as social media and directories. Look at the reputation of the clients leaving those reviews too, are they of good standing themselves? Ask for case studies of success stories and go as far as to talk to one of their clients if a happy customer is open to a conversation. But also consider the digital footprint of the firm you are thinking of outsourcing to, it is really visible? Would you invest in a digital expert who couldn’t apply their own expertise to their own business and be successful as a direct result of this?

It is really important that you conduct your due diligence on picking the right firm to work with you.