The Ipswich-based health club and boutique spa is the perfect retreat.

We began working with Riverhills in 2013 when they were known as Clarice House.

focus group

When we began working with Riverhills in 2013, they were called Clarice House, and their branding had never been updated, with a website that was outdated and difficult to navigate. SimpleClick produced several different branding options for Clarice House but they were finding it difficult to choose which they should go for.

We ran a series of focus groups with a variety of people, ranging from gym fanatics, to day spa regulars, to people who had never been to a spa before. The groups gave a clear thumbs up to one particular logo and colourway, meaning Clarice House could proceed, safe in the knowledge that it would appeal to their target audience.

Additionally, we also covered new website concepts with them, and what content they felt was important on a health club / day spa site.


Clarice House’s branding had never been updated, despite the changes that the business had seen since it was founded. We conducted focus groups and sent out online questionnaires, which showed how people viewed the branding as old-fashioned and out of date.

SimpleClick produced several different branding options with various colourway options for Clarice House. With feedback from our focus groups, Clarice chose a new design that was both simple and contemporary, reflecting the relaxing ambience of their venues perfectly.

The rebrand was included in the website that SimpleClick designed and built, and was rolled out across the company.


The old Clarice House website was outdated and difficult to navigate. Trying to find a treatment was an arduous task, resulting in frustrated customers calling the venues to get answers to their questions or they would simply go elsewhere.

Running focus groups before starting the majority of design work allowed us to test out different concepts with ‘real’ users, asking for their input on what should be on the site and ways to improve the navigation. Their feedback was crucial in producing a design that worked a lot harder for Clarice House.

Something that members asked for was the ability to book fitness classes online, so SimpleClick developed a tailored system especially suited to Clarice’s unique requirements. . This has meant their clients can self-serve, allowing them to see the classes that are available and book themselves directly onto them rather than phoning the venue.  To date, this is the most popular area of the site.

After a year of launch, site visits increased by 44% and the number of page views almost doubled and the bounce rate reduced significantly. In conjunction with their own fantastic social media work, the new Clarice House website has been a great success, with many future developments in the pipeline.

We have recently relaunched the website under their new name Riverhills.